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Welcome to the Large Black Pig Breeders United (LBPBU): A place where each voice counts!

LBPBU promotes the Large Black herd population in the United States by supporting breeders and their animals. We report our registration numbers to The Livestock Conservancy. We have taken our vast experiences to provide top notch registration services for you and your farm.

We are glad you are here to use our services to facilitate your growth as a connoisseur of the best pig in the land. 


This is a member run organization. Your voice matters as much as ours. We want to hear from you! We created Large Black Pig Breeders United to serve the breed with integrity; to serve its members with dignity. If you are only interested in registering a pig or litter here or there, you may use our services without becoming a member. If you wish to have the benefit of discounted fees, DNA database, hog search, use of forums, CI calculations and use of logo; please become an annual member.

We are here to facilitate your success with Large Black Pigs. We have an advisory committee that is small, but robust. We will not arbitrarily make decisions on your behalf without your input. We intend to be transparent (not like the government) with our actions to our membership.

Why did I begin this registry? I have spent more than a decade preserving this breed. I created LBPBU to focus on the animals themselves. I wanted to begin a DNA database for the Large Black since Richard Pomeroy and I worked towards that goal in 2012. We need as many people as possible to report their numbers of pigs with us. We need as much information as possible on the pigs that are being bred or sold as breeding stock. You will find that I ask for more information and photos. It will take a bit to get the hang of it, on both ends.

Information is a key element of preserving the breed. I believe once the DNA database is up, we will be able to record more details about the animals to help us determine the true crux of the Large Black. I am excited for this next chapter. I will treat each one of you as I would like to be treated. I believe our format will be a great addition to preserving the Large Black Pig. As stated before, we are reporting our numbers to The Livestock Conservancy who acknowledges our organization.